Join hundreds of organizations using Plasticity's natural language processing products and APIs.

Cloud-hosted API

  • Simple pricing based on monthly usage
  • Pay only for what you use
  • Work in any programming language
  • Email support within 24 hours

On-Premise Solutions

Looking for something specific? Plasticity builds custom-tailored NLP products and solutions for enterprises in technology, law, medicine, government, customer service, and others. Let's get started adding natural language understanding to your next application.

API Plans

Simple pricing for individuals, teams, and enterprises that scales as you grow.

API Service< 1Krequests per month1K - 500Krequests per month500K - 10Mrequests per month> 10Mrequests per month
Sapien Language EngineFREE$2.00per 1,000 requests$1.50per 1,000 requests$1.00per 1,000 requests
Cortex Knowledge GraphFREE$3.00per 1,000 requests$2.00per 1,000 requests$1.50per 1,000 requests

Getting started is easy

Add natural language understanding to your application in just a few minutes by signing up for a free developer API account today. Or schedule a demo with our sales team to discuss your specific needs and use cases—we're here to help.

Open source

Free access for research and open source

Building for education or an open source project? Plasticity supports the research and open source communities by providing free access to its API for certain projects. Get in touch with us to apply for a free API key.