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Join hundreds of organizations using Plasticity's natural language processing products and APIs to understand unstructured data and extract information from text.

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Powering products and building solutions across industries

Plasticity provides prebuilt solutions to understand unstructured data and API endpoints for natural language processing. So whether you're searching for an off-the-shelf product or building one of your own, we have you covered. Today, we help government agencies and hundreds of companies in technology, law, and medicine, extract information from text.

Government and defense

Plasticity works with government agencies to extract meaning from unstructured data, explore entities and relationships in text, uncover disinformation in publicly available sources, and much more.

Companies and teams

Companies of all sizes use Plasticity to parse text, whether it's to find similarities in product reviews, automatically respond to customer support tickets, categorize feedback, or improve search. We also work directly with teams to customize our products for on-premise deployments.

Developers and applications

Add state-of-the-art natural language processing abilities to your application. Our easy-to-use JSON API works across programming languages, has 99.9% uptime, and handles any workload you throw its way.

Use cases

Full-stack approach to natural language processing

We provide natural language products that fit anywhere in your stack. Whether it's a low-level task like part-of-speech tagging or a high-level objective like correlating content to detect patterns, we have products and API endpoints that plug in to get you started.

API endpoints

Our API endpoints are easy to use and work with any programming language via simple HTTP requests. Have natural language processing up and running in your app in minutes.

Sapien Language Engine

Core natural language understanding API that extracts entities, relationships, and context from text.

Cortex Knowledge Graph

A graph of real word concepts, people, places, and things that you can query in natural language.

Lingua Dialog Engine

Parses text for intent and slots, then provides a human-like natural language response.

Named entity recognition with accompanying metadata
Part-of-speech tagging for complex sentences
Open information extraction with nested subject-verb-object triples
Open information extraction with nested triples
Word transformation for nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs
Syntax dependency parsing
First and last name detection
Knowledge graph of 240+ million facts
Complex, multi-part questions or inference questions
Intent parsing and slot filling
Query for information about entities and their properties in natural language
Multi-turn conversations with context management

Products and solutions

Off-the-shelf products and custom-built solutions to match your organization's exact use case.

Disinformation Toolkit

Search and filter through publicly available information, like news and social media, to find coordinated bot behavior and disinformation. Easily create reports from your findings and share with others.

On-premise APIs

Deploy any of Plasticity's APIs behind your organization's cloud with our on-premise option.

Something else?

Not finding what your use case? Get in touch about a custom solution that meets your exact needs.

Why Plasticity

Powerfully accurate, blazingly fast, and incredibly simple

State-of-the-art accuracy

Plasticity tops NLP accuracy benchmarks for open information extraction, coreference resolution, and slot filling.

Built for speed

Designed from the ground up to parse text at 6,000 sentences per second, over 80x faster than other solutions.

Cloud or on-premise

Developers can use Plasticity's cloud NLP APIs directly in their applications, or we can deploy custom solutions on-premise.

Get started in minutes

Integrates in minutes and works in any programming language. Add NLP to your app with just a few lines of code.

Getting started is easy

Add natural language understanding to your application in just a few minutes by signing up for a developer API account today. Schedule a demo with our sales team to discuss your specific needs and use cases—we're here to help.

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