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Most of the data being created today is difficult for computers to access and understand. We build natural language processing tools and applications that make sense of it.

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Convert unstructured text into structured data

Unstructured data is doubling in size every year. Plasticity uses machine learning and natural language processing to help analysts scale exponentially as well.

Uncover insights in free-form text

We build systems that process large amounts of text to extract relationships between people, places, and things, helping analysts quickly comb through large quantities of data.

  • Extract all entities from a document
  • Find open-domain relationships among entities
  • Build your own custom knowledge graph
  • Query documents in natural language
  • Summarize large documents visually
Plasticity helps government organizations structure unstructured data


Fingerprint accounts and content to find similar actors

Using the content posted from a known account, Plasticity uses natural language processing to fingerprint its metadata and find similar actors.

Targeting on real-world accounts

Plasticity's targeting application helped national security journalists at the Wall Street Journal uncover similar accounts on Twitter spreading an abusive hashtag campaign. Analysts can automatically uncover rings of accounts from just one sample account.

  • Uses NLP to fingerprint text content
  • Finds similarities between account metadata
  • Saves all data for further analysis and reporting
  • Point-in-time or ongoing monitoring
  • Scour YouTube, Twitter, and more
Plasticity helps analysts with targeting


Find networks of bot activity spreading disinformation

Disinformation is one of the fastest growing cyber threats today. To counter disinformation effectively, Plasticity provides solutions to government organizations to identify, visualize, and evaluate disinformation narrative themes in near real-time.

Detect and analyze disinformation

Prior to the 2020 presidential election, Plasticity's targeting application helped uncover 800 YouTube accounts linked to Russia and Ukraine that were posting doctored news videos as disinformation. Our publicly available information (PAI) toolkit was custom-designed for intelligence analysts with support from the U.S. Air Force.

  • Search PAI on news and social media
  • Automatically flag disinformation and bot activity
  • Continually monitor saved search queries
  • Analyze topics and sentiment
  • Discover narrative themes
  • Generate PowerPoint or PDF reports with one click
Plasticity teams with analysts to discover disinformation on social media

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