Plasticity for Developers

Developer APIs that are designed to fit anywhere in your stack, no matter the language or application. Whether you're building an entire application or need support for a low-level NLP task, our APIs can get you started in just a few minutes.

1from plasticity import Plasticity
3plasticity = Plasticity()
5result ="""
6Play let it be by The Beatles.
7""", ner=True)
9for sentence_group in
10for sentence in sentence_group.alternatives:
11    print(sentence.graph)


API endpoints for everything natural language processing

Sapien Language Engine

Sapien handles the low-level natural language processing tasks needed for most applications. It is written for speed and accuracy, and it works on text across various domains and writing styles. You can use Sapien for NLP tasks like named entity recognition, syntax dependency parsing, part-of-speech tagging, open information extraction, natural language generation, and more.

Cortex Knowledge Graph

Cortex enriches your application with information about the real world, such as the population of a city or the author of a novel. Instead of writing complicated graph queries, you can query for this information using just a natural language question or make a request for a specific entity or property.

Lingua Dialogue Engine

Lingua automates and manages conversational dialogue flows. It performs intent classification and slot filling, handles more complex queries like multi-parted questions, negation, and adjective-noun correlation. Lingua also manages the conversation's context, so you can correctly respond to follow-up requests.

Open source

Check out our open source projects to help in your AI/ML pipelines


A fast, simple vector embedding utility library to quickly load and use vector embeddings in ML models.


A supercharged SQLite library for Python. Drop-in replacement that offers remote streaming, full text search, and more.


Run Python in JavaScript. Coldbrew is Python compiled into JavaScript using Emscripten and WebAssembly.

Plasticity Python

A Python module for using the Plasticity API, making the initial set up easy.

Getting started is easy

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