Plasticity for Commercial

Companies large and small use Plasticity to parse text. Our APIs help build better search, create smarter chatbots, generate custom knowledge graphs of internal data, enrich business intelligence, and much more.

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Document analysis

Make sense of your business's unstructured data

We build systems that process large amounts of text to extract and relate entities. Plasticity can run over news, social media, or your internal documents, helping you structure any piece of text. It even works on text from different industries, since it's based on semantics and not industry-specific training examples.

Convert text to a structured form

Take any body of text and convert it to relationship triples, which can be stored and queried. Use Plasticity to improve search on your website or within documents. Allow your users or employees to ask natural language questions about your data.

  • Extract all entities from a document
  • Find open-domain relationships among entities
  • Build your own custom knowledge graph
  • Query documents in natural language
  • Summarize large documents visually
Plasticity converts unstructured text to structured data

Conversational interfaces

Smarter automated chat for customer service

Respond to an influx of customer service messages intelligently. Whether you're categorizing support tickets, automating chat responses, surfacing relevant helpbase articles, or tagging resolutions, Plasticity's products can help your business achieve better automated support results.

Human-like message understanding

Most chatbot platforms require enormous amounts of labeled training data to be effective, and yet still fail to handle minor variations in phrasing. Plasticity takes a semantic approach, which means you'll be able to handle negations, multi-parted requests, and paraphrases with fewer training examples right out of the box.

  • State-of-the-art intent parsing and slot filling
  • Requires fewer training examples
  • Handles complex, multi-parted requests
  • Preserves context and chat history
  • Works with any messaging system, even custom ones
Plasticity helps companies automate responses to messages

Brand insights

Monitor news and social media for your brand or your competitor's

Plasticity helped the Wall Street Journal automatically scan social media to turn tweets into structured data. They used this data to quickly report on negative activity and sentiment towards political campaigns. Our product helps businesses find brand mentions and derive insights.

More than just keyword search

Go beyond traditional keyword search and find content that doesn't specifically mention your brand or products. Plasticity's semantic approach allows you to analyze the sentiment of particular entities, handle negated terms, and achieve more accurate results.

  • Determine document and entity sentiment
  • Find all brand, company, or product mentions
  • Handles paraphrases, misspellings, or related terms
  • Better handling of negation for sentiment analysis
  • Uncover bot activity
Plasticity helps brands keep a pulse on social media

Custom solutions

Don't see your use case? Reach out about custom enterprise solutions

Schedule a conversation with our commercial sales team to learn more about how Plasticity's applications and custom solutions can meet your company's data needs.