Plasticity Joins Executive 1

Today, we're pleased to announce that Plasticity has officially been acquired by Executive 1 Holding Company.

Since we started this company in 2016, we've had a mission of making simple, powerful natural language processing technology open and accessible to companies, organizations, and developers. We've long held the belief that natural language understanding is crucial to the future of human-computer interaction. Language and communication is what sets humans apart from our predecessors; it only makes sense that we find ways to train machines to comprehend language as well.

Ajay and Alex at Y Combinator
Plasticity founders, Ajay Patel and Alex Sands, before Y Combinator Demo Day in 2017.

With this acquisition, we're excited to continue building towards that future. Plasticity will remain independent as a wholly owned subsidiary of EX1 post-acquisition, and we'll continue to provide customers with state-of-the-art NLP products and tools. With the existing resources of EX1, we'll be able to serve customers in a variety of new and exciting ways, bringing even deeper insights from data to power government and commercial decision-making.

We also plan to continue investing in open source, releasing packages that NLP developers can openly use and contribute to. Researchers and students building for education can continue to use Plasticity's APIs for free—we're looking forward to seeing what you build.

As founders, we couldn't be more excited about this acquisition. It's been an incredible four years growing a company that only succeeds when our customers do. And yet, it still feels like today is just the beginning.

- Ajay and Alex

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