Lingua Dialogue Engine

Build more robust conversational interfaces

Train your own chatbot or conversational interface to handle automated messages. Lingua parses the intent, fills slots, provides responses, and even manages context in the conversation.

Chat automation

State-of-the-art intent classification and slot filling

Lingua helps make more human-like bots. It handles more complex queries like multi-parted questions, negation, and adjective-noun correlation, so you can minimize fallback messages.

Handles the entire conversation

Beyond just intent and slot parsing, Lingua manages an entire multi-turn conversation— everything from follow-up questions to context about a user.

  • Intent parsing
  • Slot filling
  • Context management
  • Word negation
  • Robust to paraphrases
  • Less training data
  • Adjective-noun correlation
  • Follow-ups and multi-turn dialogue

Integrate anywhere

Combines an easy-to-use training interface with the flexibility of handling messages directly in your app, no matter what language its written in.

Any programming language

Use the programming language of your choice to send messages to the API and receive JSON replies with additional context.

Cloud-based training

Add training examples in our cloud-hosted training environment. Use Lingua's paraphrase automation to minimze the number of examples.

Join the beta

Request access to the Lingua Dialogue Engine beta program by scheduling time with our sales team to discuss your specific needs and use cases—we're excited to hear how you plan to use Lingua.