Cortex Knowledge Graph

Structured information about the real world

Tap into 240+ million facts on over 20+ million entities using the Cortex Knowledge Graph. Query the graph in natural language or make requests for rich data on people, places, and things.

Real-world knowledge

Tap into information about people, places, and things

Cortex enriches your application with information about the real world. Use Cortex to determine the population of a city or find relationships from a diverse set of entities. Uncover this information using just a natural language question.

Entities and their properties

Query Cortex for an individual entity or any of its hundreds of properties. Each entity has links back to its original source identifier, with useful metadata including clean descriptions, pictures, and more.

  • Entity lookups
  • Property lookups
  • Photos and descriptions
  • Entity categories
  • Factoid questions
  • Compound queries
  • Nested queries
When was Abraham Lincoln born and when was Thomas Jefferson president?
What is the area of California?
How tall is Michael Jordan?
Who is Arya Stark's father's wife?
Who directed Shawshank Redemption, Good Will Hunting, and Dead Poets Society?
What is the Empire State Building made of?

Difficult questions, rich answers

Cortex can handle challenging multi-part questions or questions that require multiple hops in the graph to answers. Each answer comes with additional metadata useful to your application.

Ask in natural language

No complicated graph query languages needed. Query Cortex with natural language questions or specific entities.

Continuously updated

Cortex performs weekly crawls over data sources so you always have the most up to date information readily available.

Use cases

Add underlying real-world knowledge to your application

Instantly answer questions from over 240+ million structured facts. The Cortex Knowledge Graph helps you access data on real-world people, places, and things and use that information to make your application more intelligent.

Show rich metadata on entities

Display information about people, places, and things in your application. You can use Cortex to find additional information about companies mentioned in a news article or people mentioned in a post, and show more information about them on hover.

Plasticity Cortex can provide metadata on entities

General knowledge for conversational interfaces

Instantly answer general knowledge questions in conversational interfaces. Or use our graph to find all items in a particular category—everything from vegetables to airports—to automatically generate more training data for your machine learning models.

Plasticity Cortex provides general knowledge for chatbots

Build business intelligence

Pull all information about a given company, including its number of employees, its CEO, what industry it's in, and more. Use this data to tailor sales pitches or conduct better market research.

Plasticity Cortex provides business intelligence for market research

Getting started is easy

Start using the Cortex Knowledge Graph in your application in just a few minutes by signing up for a developer API account today. Schedule a demo with our sales team to discuss your specific needs and use cases—we're here to help.